Friday, April 6, 2012

SkyZone In Everett

A few weeks ago Bo and Roses took Jamie, Guerline and I to the most funnest place. SKYZONE! Of all the new stuff in Everett, this has got to be top on my list. It's a trampoline wonderland. They've taken this big old warehouse and put tons of trampolines in it. They link up lots of trampolines to make a floor and then put trampolines along the side to create walls so you can freely jump around. They also have a dedicated dodgeball area and this foam pit where you can jump off the trampoline into the foam blocks.

We paid for an hour ($12) and by the end we were EXHAUSTED. If you go, take it slow. I was dying.

A note on getting older (not that I'm old):
I'm afraid! Not that I walk around scared all the time, but in a situation like Skyzone I really held back from things. I was hesitant to do flips, I was nervous about jumping on the side wall,
I was worried about flipping wrong into the foam pit. I had begun to notice this new feature in my life over the years but at Skyzone I couldn't ignore it. Interesting. Very Interesting.